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Aztec Del Sol

We are creating an application to attract new customers while retaining the current clientele of a local Mexican restaurant.

Projects Goal

The goal is to have a product that can compete within the market, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer sales.


My Role

UX designer leading the application and responsive website design from conception to delivery.


I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was working adults who didn’t have the amount of time to cook however needed healthy meals for themselves and their families.



The research included conducting a remote unmoderated usability study that asked the users to conduct certain actions within the prototype.

Two user personas were created to help define the needs of the application while a competitive audit was used to see the opportunities and gaps of any other competitors.


Wire frames

Digital wire frames were created to help define the process of application sign up to pill notifications.

View the Aztec Del Sol:    low-fidelity prototype.


User Testing

With the wire frames created the next step was to setup a usability study to determine if users could complete everything in the application and what opportunities existed in the mock up.

Findings from User Testing


Working adults did not have enough time to make meals after work.


Most applications don’t have the ability to filter healthy meals.


Text-heavy applications make it hard to determine meals since they don’t have photos.

Refining the Design

The final high-fidelity prototype presented a refined user flow for ordering food, filtering items, and scheduling order times.

View the Aztec Del Sol: High-fidelity prototype



After all of the user research, usability studies, and competitive study I landed on a final polished product that could give a user the restaurant information like the menu and contact information. The final product also allowed the user to order from the restaurant.

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