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The Colorado Charge came to us with the task of creating their business identity for their organization. That included everything from business cards, invoices, websites,
and posters.
  • The main idea for the business cards was to create something clean and professional for the organization.

  • The back had the main logo and website while using colors from logo. The front side included all the contact information in a clean manner without making it cluttered.

  • The invoice template was meant to also use the same design as the business cards to create the Charge
    business identity.

  • Gold colors were incorporated into the top and bottom banners while the logo was used in the top left corner.

  • The website was also meant to be clean and professional. The main landing page would have all of the main events of the organization while including some of their sponsors.
    To go to their site click this link:

  • The Cheerleading Tryout poster was designed to promote the event in a clean manner. It was meant to catch the eye of their subscribers and get them to go to the site for more information

  • All of the main aspects (Date, Locations, and Price) are all in gold to stand out 

  • The Rocky Mountain Express Trophy was created to promote the first game for the Colorado Charge.

  • The design was meant to be strong and easily catch the attention of viewers while giving them all the information relevant to the game.

  • The Colorado Charge also asked us to manage their social media promotions, we send out daily posts for their sites that follow a design template created for the Charge.

  • The design for each post was meant to be clean while incorporating their colors. Main images in each post are black and white while message is in color.


















  • The Charge Christmas Party poster was created to advertise three events that the Charge were hosting: Tryouts for football and cheerleading and the Charge Party.

  • Since there were many different elements (prices, times, and locations for both events) we had to create a hierarchy of information.  

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