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New Beginnings came to use in order to create their business identity for their company. Starting with the logo, website, and invoices/prescription pads.
  • The idea behind the logo was that the name New Beninnings was the start of a new day and the start of a new person and the logo should include that idea.

  • The start would create a new path while fitting into the name of the business.

  • The business cards were created using the theme of the logo, the start of a new day. The left side design was meant to simulate the sunrise while using the logo colors.

  • On the right side was the main information of the business including name, number, location, and website information.

  • The prescription pad design was meant to follow the company identity and include the same colors and themes.

  • Since it was a prescription pad with needed to follow some basic guidelines for the information however we added design elements to give it life.

  • The website was designed using the same elements that are on the business cards. When you enter the three main tabs are easily accessible and ready to expand on the click.

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