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LocalSoundsOnline comissioned us to develope a business identity for their brand. We started with redesigning their logo and building the brand from there.
  • We started with redesigning LocalSoundsOnline's logo. They had the idea of incorporated a city skyline but also adding music elements since their company involved the music scene.

  • When we created the buisness cards for LSO we used the main three colors in the new logo. The back side of the cards used the main logo and added there sponsors on the bottom row.

  • The front side of the business cards brought over a small red banner on the bottom to make the card flow easier.

  • Since LocalSoundsOnline is involved with the Colorado Charge we wanted to make sure that they basic theme was the same whille the color pallete was different for
    each company.

  • Designing the lanyard used elements from all the main business items. The main logo took most of the design while the sponsors took a small banner on the bottom.

  • LocalSoundsOnline company involves a lot of working elements from fashion, to music, to events, and to sports. These items are located uner the main banner that houses upcoming events. The site contains many different elements to create the clean and modern music site.

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