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Pill Catch

Pill Catch is a Denver based organization focused on building healthy habits. The organization is looking to create a tool for helping to track pills and give notifications to other family members. Pills’ Catch primary target users include senior citizens and their family members who are concerned about their parents when they are not nearby.

Projects Goal

Design an application that will allow users to track their pills while giving them the ability to share notifications to other family members if they desire.


My Role

UX designer leading the application and responsive website design from conception to delivery.


I conducted user research on features that most senior citizens and the families wanted for the application. Most interview participants wanted a way to notify family members of a pill being missed. Also, most participants wanted a way to view past days to see if pills were being missed and taken to help build healthy habits.

Two user personas were created to help define the needs of the application while a competitive audit was used to see the opportunities and gaps of any other competitors.


Wire frames

Digital wire frames were created to help define the process of application sign up to pill notifications.


User Testing

With the wire frames created the next step was to setup a usability study to determine if users could complete everything in the application and what opportunities existed in the mock up.

Findings from User Testing


People want color coding for remaining pills.


People want a clear button to not opt in for family notifications.


Want easier ways to create an accout like Google Sign in

Refining the Design

Now that I had the usability information I could use it to make high-fidelity prototypes.



After all of the user research, usability studies, and competitive study I landed on a final polished product that could give a user the restaurant information like the menu and contact information. The final product also allowed the user to order from the restaurant.

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